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Foreigners wish to extend Vietnam visa for the temporary staying permission in Vietnam with the purpose for tourist, business, working, investment, study, visiting relatives, or others. They could extend their stay by using a service of Vietnam visa extension or Vietnam renewal service, and how to extend the Vietnam visa? Conducting the visa extension service depends on the current visa, nationality; the time of the year, visa extension service in Vietnam allows them to stay more in Vietnam without leaving the country. Your visa must be extended before the expired date to make sure that you will not charged for the penalty fee of overstaying. The Vietnam visa extension should be applied from 5 to 7 days before the visa expiration date, and it takes 5 working days for processing.


When will you need to extend Vietnam visa? And visa extension service in Vietnam what does it mean? Extending Vietnam Visa means that the Vietnam Immigration Department will issue a new visa stamp or visa sticker paper on your passport with new expiry date, so you are able to stay in Vietnam until that day. With Vietnam visa extension and Vietnam visa renewal, you do not need to leave the country, because the procedures will be done while you are in Vietnam. Your visa must be extended from 5 to 7 days before the visa expiration date to make sure that you will not charged for the penalty fee of overstaying.

The visa extension Vietnam and visa renewal in Vietnam can be applied for types of visa as below:

Note that the visa extension length depends on the current visa type, nationality, the time of the year and purpose. So we recommend you to contact directly to our team to check your case. Only a limited number of nationalities are eligible to apply for the Vietnam visa extension and the requirements change accordingly as well.


  1. Passport must be valid for more than 6 months from the time of extension and has at least 2 blank pages;
  2. A valid Vietnam’s visa;
  3. Foreigners that enter, leave, transit through, or reside in Vietnam are obliged to comply with Vietnam’s law; respect Vietnam’s traditions and customs; and engaged in activities in Vietnam in accordance with the stated purpose of entry;
  4. The required documents for business visa extension must have a sponsored company in Vietnam;
  5. The duration of a visa shall be at least 30 days shorter than that of the passport or international laissez-passer;
  6. Only a limited number of nationalities are eligible to apply for a visa extension/renewal in Vietnam, and the requirements change accordingly as well;
  7. Providing the proof of temporary residence in Vietnam certified the local police station.



Overstaying your visa means to stay longer in Vietnam than the visa legally allows you to. There are two types of penalty fees you must pay:

Can you leave the country with expired visa?

If your Vietnam visa is expired for a period of less than 3 days, you can pay the overstaying fee directly at the airport and get an exit visa to leave the country. If the visa expired more than 3 days, you must apply for visa extension or exit visa and pay the find fee for overstaying at the Immigration Office, if this step complete you can leave the country

If you still want to remain in Vietnam, should pay the “fine” fee and get a visa extension stamp. A few legal documents will be required for this process, so contact the Immigration Department or visa agent in advance.

If you overstay your visa due to a lost passport, the options are the same. But you must contact your embassy or consulate to apply for a new passport/travel permit/diplomatic note, then contact the local police where you are temporarily staying and write up the passport lost report, and finally arrange for a visa renewal through the Immigration Department.

Of course, the longer you overstay, the more complicated the procedure will be as the Immigration Department will need to track your legal activity record during this overstay period. Please remember that overstaying is a serious offense and to avoid all this, pay attention to your visa validity and that it coincides with your date of departure. Mistakes are made sometimes as we are all human.

How much is fine overstay visa fee in Vietnam?

If you are overstaying for a few days, the fines will be charged by day, penalty will be definitely applied for those who stay in Vietnam more than as stipulated in their visa validity; Whoever intentionally commit repeated offenses for a long time, without respecting for the law, the level of punishment may include administrative penalties, limitation of Vietnamese immigration and enforced deportation.

Below is the amount of fines basically

+ Overstaying up to 10 days fine: 1,250,000 VND (55 USD) is a common penalty;

+ Overstaying up to 1 month: 4,000,000 VND (175 USD) is a common penalty;

+ Overstaying from 1 to 3 months: fines of about 10,000,000 VND (440 USD)

+ In case of overstaying one year: the penalty is more than 16,000,000 VND (700 USD) and forced exit, restrictions on entry and exit and prohibited within the specified period.


Vietnam Visa Extension

Extending the visa means that you will be able to stay longer in Vietnam without leaving the country and this allow to extend your stay in Vietnam without reentering if you exit Vietnam before your visa expired. So it means you must apply new visa if you wish to come back Vietnam after leaving. Hence the extension fee is much cheaper than visa renewal

In order to apply visa extension in Vietnam, your current visa has to meet some requirements of Vietnam Immigration Department. Your current visa type has to be correspondent to your staying extending requirement.

Vietnam Visa Renewal

Visa renewal in Vietnam is similar to visa extension, a small difference that you are granted a new visa stamp and visa sticker paper on your passport with the new duration permission. The staying length is valid from 1 month to 3 months depending on multiple factors like what documents and visa type do you have, your nationality, the time of the year, the visa law in Vietnam changing all the time and other stuff. Moreover the visa renewal fee is higher than the visa extension fee because you have to pay visa stamping fee and visa sticker fee for the government.

For the reasons mentioned above, you have the option of applying a new tourist or business approval letter for one month/three month, single/multiple entry visa which can be picked up the new visa at Moc Bai border grossing or Border Visa Run, where you cross to Cambodia and return instantly. This will certainly be more convenient, cheaper and save you a lot of hassle and time. While this procedure is not well-received by some officials, it is still perfectly legal.

Note that If you would like to upgrade your current visa from duration of 1 month to one of 3 months, or upgrade the current visa from single entry to multiple entry, you will have to go through the visa renewal process or border visa run.


Requirements for Vietnam business - working visa extension

Foreigners who are working, doing business and having the sponsor company in Vietnam, containing a valid visa and type of Business visa DN, or working visa LD, or investment visa DT should prepare the following dossiers and take 7 working days to complete the extension of Vietnam visa:

  1. Company’s legal entity files (notarized certified copy of business registration certificate or investment registration certificate or establish Representative Office)
  2. Seal registration certificate and tax code registration certificate (if any);
  3. The original passport;
  4. A valid Vietnam visa;
  5. Vietnam work permit or work permit exemption certificate (if any);
  6. Visa extension form signed and sealed by company’s legal representative
  7. Original certificate of temporary residence in Vietnam (proof of residence);
  8. In case of that foreigners accompany with their relatives, it’s required to provide the written proof of family relationships (the documents must be legalized, translated and notarized comply with the provisions of law):

a. The relatives recognized as spouse must have a marriage certificate;

b. The relatives recognized as children must have a birth certificate.

Requirements for Vietnam tourist, visitor visa extension

Foreigners who come to Vietnam for the purpose of tourist, relative visitor containing a valid visa and on the passport marked the visa type of tourist visa DL, visitor visa VR or Vietnam visa exemption stamp should prepare the following dossiers:

  1. The original passport;
  2. A valid Vietnam visa marked as DL, VR or visa exemption stamp
  3. Port of entry name;
  4. Your current address in Vietnam;
  5. Original certificate of temporary residence in Vietnam (if any);

You must apply extending Vietnam visa some days before your visa date expires; it’d better before at least 1 week (for 3 months visa, preferably 2 weeks). Because it takes you 7 days to finish as submitting your passport and requirement at Vietnam Immigration Department Office, so applying soon may help you active in some ways.

If your passport is lost or stolen, how can you extend Vietnam visa? You must follow the following steps:

  1. Obtain a passport lost report certified by the local police station where you are temporarily staying;
  2. Apply for a new travel document as passport/ travel permit/diplomatic note from the Embassy or Consulate-General;
  3. Obtain an letter of confirmation from the Embassy or Consulate-General;
  4. Obtain an exit or replacement visa in order to leave Vietnam or your Vietnam visa is extended or renewed on the new passport as the original visa



Here are the contact details of the three major Immigration Departments located in all 3 of the major regions of Vietnam – North, Center and South:

  1. In Ho Chi Minh City:
  1. In Da Nang: 7 Tran Quy Cap, Da Nang City
  2. In Ha Noi: 40A, Hang Bai Street, Hanoi, Vietnam


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