These concerns have still been questioned every day by expats coming to Vietnam: What is Temporary Residence Card? What is Residence Card extension? What are benefits of Temporary Residence Card in Vietnam? For your information, Temporary Residence Card (TRC) known as working or investment visa is a legal document issued by Vietnam Immigration Agencies. Vietnam Temporary Residence Card, whose validity is from 1 to 5 years, allows the foreigner reside in Vietnam for a fixed or indefinite length of time. People granted the temporary residence card could enter and exit Vietnam without a visa within the valid terms of their residence card. However, in some cases, if foreigners want to stay longer in Vietnam than the specified period, they need to apply for the extension of Temporary Residence Card. To satisfy your concerns about residence card extension for living in Vietnam, we are sure that this article will make you feel pleased. Should we begin?

In case of the foreigners had temporary residence card but due to some reasons such as the passport running out of pages and need to change the new one or loss of residence card… to enter and exit Vietnam, they are required to change their temporary residence card or apply for renewal according to the current card (in case of loss). The processing time is 05 - 07 working days from the date of receiving complete documents. Two main requirements for foreigners working in Vietnam include labor requirement: A Work Permit, issued by the labor department from the province employee will work which is provided by MOLISA (Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs) and Immigration Requirement: Visa or Temporary residence card issued by the immigration department. (Provided by Ministry of Public Security). 



Two main requirements for foreigners working in Vietnam include:

  1. Labor requirement: A Vietnam Work Permit, issued by the Labor Department of the province employee will work, which is provided by MoLISA (Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs)
  2. Immigration Requirement: Working visa or Temporary Residence Card, issued by the Immigration Department (provided by Ministry of Public Security).

If the foreigners had the Temporary Residence Card but due to some reasons (lack of blank pages, loss of the card, etc…), they would be required to change their Temporary Residence Card or apply for extension according to the current card.



  1. The applicant’s passport is valid for more than one year;
  2. In the case of already holding the Vietnam work permit, foreigners’ work permit must have a minimum period of over one year since the date of submission;
  3. The certificate of Vietnam residential certified by a local police;
  4. In case of passport extension in Vietnam, the new passport has not been used yet to exit and enter Vietnam
  5. In case of the Temporary Residence Card is lost, the lost report certified by a local police is required.



  1. 01 application form of the Temporary Residence Card Extension (Form NA8);
  2. 01 information form from foreigners who demand Temporary Residence Extension (Form NA6);
  3. Two (02) passport-sized photographs (2cm x3cm);
  4. The applicant’s passport (01 copy of the passport, valid visa and the latest date of Vietnam entry);
  5. The certificate of Vietnam residential certified by a local police;
  6. In case of passport extension in Vietnam, the applicant should submit the current temporary residence card and passport which is expired or run out of pages;
  7. In case of losing or damaging the Temporary Residence Card, the card owner and sponsor company must immediately report in writing to the issuing office and apply for the new one if the residence card is still valid for more than 1 year.
  8. A notarized copy of legal entity profile of sponsored company/organization that apply for the issuance of Temporary Residence Card, for example: business license or investment certificate, representative office establishment licenses, seal registration certificate and tax registration certificate;
  9. A Vietnam work permit or work permit exemption for the case of requiring work permit;
  10. In case of accompanying family members, they must have written proof of family relationships such as marriage certificate, birth certificate, family record book, etc. These documents must be legalized by home embassy or consulate and translated into Vietnamese.



The applicant needs to provide these following extra documents:

  1. Temporary Residence Card and passport lost report to the local police office;
  2. A diplomatic document certified by the Consulates/Embassy of foreigners’ nations in Vietnam about the passport loss.

Kindly note that the validity of Temporary Residence Card is less than 1 year, the visa will be issued instead of residence card, and the duration of the residence card or visa will always be at least one month shorter than the duration of the holder’s passport.


Processing time for Temporary Residence Card extension

  • Passport and Temporary Residence Card lost take at least from 15 working days.
  • Passport renewal takes 7 working days




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