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From 15th February 2021, Decree 152 of the Government of Vietnam, which regulates issues related to work permits for foreigners, will officially take effect and will have some influence on foreign workers who have been and will be working in Vietnam. Therefore, the most important thing for employers as well as foreign workers is to know what is needed to prepare before making a long-term plan to work and stay in Vietnam. In this article, Visa5s will introduce to you the necessary documents for granting Vietnam work permit under the new decree in 2021.

I. For the cases of applying for new work permits under the new 2021 regulations:

Required documents must include:
1.    Approval Letter on demand of using foreign workers;

2.    Request for issuance of work permit from the Vietnamese employer (Form No.11 under Decree 152/2020/ND-CP);

3.    Foreign or Vietnamese criminal record;

4.    Health check certificate, issued within 12 months prior to the submission date;

5.    4*6 cm passport size photos, taken within 06 months from the submission date;

6.    Certified copy of passport;

7.    Other documents are as follows:

For business manager

For expert working under labor contracts

For technical worker working under labor contract

For manager, expert, technical worker working as internal transfer labor in the enterprise

- Documents proving that the foreigner is a manager, general partner or capital contributor of the company, or;

- Documents proving that the foreigner is the head, the deputy head of the head, executive director according to the company’s regulations.

- Bachelor’s degree and certificate of at least 3 years of experience relevant to the job position expected to work in Vietnam, or;

- Have at least 5 years of experience and practice certificate relevant to the job position expected to work in Vietnam, or;

- Decided by the Prime Minister at the request of the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs.

- Have been trained for at least 1 year in a technical field or another and at least 3 years of experience in the major being trained, or;

- Have at least 5 years of work experience relevant to the job position expected to work in Vietnam.

- Documents proving that the foreigner is expert or technical worker under the new current regulations, and;

- Document of the parent enterprise or organization in the foreign country who send the employee to work in Vietnam with the appropriate job position.


II. For special cases of applying for work permits in 2021

1.   Special cases of applying for re-issuance of work permits:

During working process, there are many cases which workers need to change some information on the work permits that t were previously issued and, therefore, it is necessary to apply for new work permits. These special cases are as follows:

-      The worker works for another employer at the same job position and job title;

-      The worker changes the job position, job title, form of work, or other contents specified on the work permit.

2.   Process and required documents:

Even for special cases, the application for a work permit must go through 2 main steps:

-      Employers explain the demand for using foreign employees;

-      Employers apply for issuance of work permit for foreign workers according to the Approval Letter in step 1.

3.    Requires documents include:


NOTE: All papers and documents issued by oversea agencies or organizations must bear consular authentication before being used in Vietnam.


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